My personal aim is to help clients achieve desired long-term positive change.  

For teams, this is achieved through workshops that provide foundational knowledge in the area of positive psychology, backed by individual or group coaching that provides ongoing support and guidance to help implement the changes they wish to make.

For individuals, coaching can be provided in isolation.  

Workshops and Seminars

Our groundbreaking workshops and seminars combine live music with the latest neuroscientific and psychological research on human motivation and performance to deliver a learning experience that will challenge the mind and inspire the soul.

Presented by Cognitive Scientist Dr Scott Bolland, alongside Queensland's leading musicians and singers, participants are guided through the science of human flourishing, heightened by a variety of popular music from Buble to Broadway through to modern pop anthems.  

The music is used to create an emotional narrative, activating the centres of the brain responsible for motivation, learning and change.  It is our job to inform, entertain, and inspire!  It is an experience that your staff will not easily forget!


We can provide a number of offerings to suit your business and budget, and also can provide group coaching solutions to help motivate change and embed theory into practice.  Get in touch to book a free consultation to discuss your needs.


My aim is to help create sustainable personal change.

Coaching is incredibly important in facilitating this process, as it provides a dedicated space and time for clients to focus on this change process.

In coaching sessions, clients are given personalised attention to help them articulate an inspired vision for themselves (grounded in their passions, strengths and values), and help in brainstorming ideas on how to best navigate the road ahead, and overcome potential obstacles.

Coaching can be conducted one-on-one, or in small groups.

For convenience, individual coaching can be conducted via Skype, or Zoom.

Get in touch to book a free consultation to discuss your needs.