I am passionate about helping leaders and managers, teams, schools, and organisations flourish in the modern world.


Navigating complex challenges, either in a work or personal context, is not something you can simply "think through."  You cannot sit down, and plan out a course of action that is guaranteed to work.  The world is too uncertain for that to occur in most real-world contexts.

Instead, what is needed is a general direction we would like to head, an idea of what might work, but then to test these ideas in a safe-to-fail manner, to explore what works best in practice.  This is true for exploring your business models, but also in leading and inspiring yourself and others.

Coaching provides dedicated time, space and techniques for navigating your complex challenges in such a manner.  


I can tailor keynotes, workshops and programs around your needs, and bring on additional facilitators and experts as required.

Generally, I specialise in two areas - positive psychology and educational technology.

I cover such topics as the neuroscience of effective leadership, high performance teamwork, resilience, agility and motivation.

If you are intereted in edTech, please check out my TEDx talk, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education seen by over 100k people.


If you are in the mood for something a little bit different, but highly impactful and memorable, please check out my company Aha Entertainment.

We specialise in corporate and personal development training events featuring Queensland's finest performance coaches and musicians to challenge the mind, inspire the soul, and prepare you for a brighter tomorrow.

Think Tony Robbins .... but backed by up to a 10 piece kick-arse band.  We can tailor to your needs from 2-hour keynotes or workshops, through to full-day events, for groups between 10 and 10,000.  Perfect for corporate groups and school staff.