Over the years I have brought the latest research-backed insights from Positive Psychology, leadership, and high-performance teamwork to a wide range of clients including individual coaching clients, business schools, the military, police services, resource companies, and financial institutions, have run workshops and keynotes for various Ministries of Education across the globe, run workshops for the European Commission and have delivered large scale Positive Psychology based events to 1000s of school and corporate staff.  Just a few companies and tetimonials are listed below:


"That is hands down the best PD I have ever been to!  Absolutely loved it and took more away from that than I have in a long time.  What a refreshing and considerate session to organise. I think this is just what I needed! There is no topping this.  Absolutely brilliant!"​

"Wow!!! What can I say?  This session was excellent and absolutely blew everyone at my table away.  It was well presented, had high quality content and contained information that every person in the room could relate to.  It was one of my most favourite presentations ever."

"If there was an absolutely awesome button I would have rated as that.  Love, love, loved it!"

"Unusual and wonderful - I remembered everything that was said due to delivery method and enthusiasm!"

"Super excellent - I loved the musical journey we were taken on and the message delivered.  What an extremely lovely way to end the day and an amazing surprise!"

"Wonderful!  Completely beyond expectations!"

"Your presentation was FABULOUS! I loved every minute of it, and everyone was talking about it... I didn't want it to finish!"

​"Bloody marvelous!!"

"Last night at the Sunshine Coast Emerging Technology meetup it was an absolute pleasure to have Dr Scott Bolland facilitate a workshop on The Future of Work. Entertaining and mind blowing is an understatement as it was the only presentation I think I will ever see with singing, spaghetti construction and education on A.I. It was SO fun but also enlightening!"

Feedback from a range of presentations and workshops delivered by Dr Scott Bolland.