Dr Scott Bolland is an international speaker and consultant on maximising human potential, both in the field of Positive Psychology and Education Technology.

His PhD and background is in Cognitive Science - the interdisciplinary study of how the mind works, spanning such fields as Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence.  And his passion is playing in the intersection between these areas, in particular how to best prepare individuals, teams, schools and companies to flourish in the modern world.


Apart from Positive Psychology coaching, Scott runs two businesses: Aha Entertainment (specialising in teaching Positive Psychology to corporate groups, and schools), and New Dawn Technologies (specialising in the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve student learning outcomes and engagement).


Scott’s TEDx talk entitled "Neuroscience, AI, and the Future of Education" has been seen by over 100,000 viewers, and has led to him consulting for Ministries of Education across the globe and running strategy workshops for the Education Policy makers of the European Commission.

Over the years he has also brought the latest research-backed insights from Positive Psychology, leadership, and high-performance teamwork to a wide range of clients including business schools, the military, police services, resource companies, and financial institutions and has delivered large scale Positive Psychology based events to 1000s of school and corporate staff.