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To introduce myself, my name is Dr Scott Bolland, and my 25-year background is in Cognitive Science - the scientific study of how the mind works, spanning such areas as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and artificial intelligence.  And my passion is playing in the intersection between these areas - in particular, how to help individuals, teams, schools and organisations flourish in the modern world.

My style can be best described as "mixed martial arts" but in the area of personal and leadership development.  That is, rather than sticking to a single discipline (such as neuroscience), I combine the latest and best evidence-based strategies from a number of paradigms such as design thinking, positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership theory, complexity theory and systems thinking, to construct a personalised program that best matches your needs and challenges.  

I generally work at 3 levels - leading self (putting your own oxygen mask on first, covering topics such as wellbeing, resilience, positive relationships and general life direction), leading others (covering leadership development), and leading organisation (topics such as corporate culture, psychological safety, and general systems thinking).

If you are interested in learning more, simply send me a message and we can chat and see if there is a way I might be able to assist you.


My name is Dr Scott Bolland and I am an international speaker, coach and consultant on maximising human potential, specialising in the fields of Positive Psychology, and Education Technology.

I have literally taught tens of thousands through my various leadership and positive psychology programs, and I divide my time between working as an edTech entrepreneur, giving international keynotes, running leadership programs and workshops, as well as group and individual coaching.

In my coaching, keynotes and workshops I focus on the latest insights from a range of disciplines such as Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Design Thinking, to present evidence-based strategies for boosting your performance and success at both work and home.

Oh .... and I also can bring along a 10-piece band and teach positive psychology through music (I am a trained singer), if you are looking for something a little more edgy.  Check out my corporate group aha entertainment.

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I provide individual or group coaching, workshops, seminars and keynotes, for corporates and schools focussing on Positive Psychology - the scientific study of human flourishing.  I also am a frequent international keynote speaker on Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Education.


Check out my blog "Succeeding Scientifically" where I will be uploading weekly videos on evidence-based strategies that will help you in a range of areas, from wellbeing and stress-reduction to improving your relationships and leadership capability.



Over the years I have brought the latest research-backed insights to a wide range of clients including individual coaching clients, business schools, the military, police services, resource companies, financial institutions, ministries of education and 1000s of school and corporate staff.



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